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Secretary  June Nesbitt

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Woodsman        Michael Rounds 

Judge (fair & impartial) Bill Warner


About the Billington Family

John Billington, his wife Elinor and their two sons, John and Francis departed on the Mayflower from Plymouth, Devon, England between September 6 and 16, 1620.  This was a small, 100 foot ship which held 102 passengers and a crew of about 30-40 in extremely cramped conditions.  By the second month out, the ship was buffeted by strong westerly gales, causing the ship's timbers to be badly shaken with caulking failing to keep out sea water, and with passengers, even in their berths, lying wet and ill.  This combined with a lack of proper rations  and bad living conditions probaly contributed to half the passengers passing that first winter.  Picture on right in the Parish Church in Plymouth, MA.



By attending the GSMD Triennial Meeting, which began on September 8, 2017 and asking people if they were Billington descendants.  We held a meeting September 11 at 1620 Hotel.  Marsha Berland began in 2014 asking people who were Billington descendants and met several people who were interested.  This was the beginning.  It was discovered that $250 was the fee to put our name Billington Family Society on the Mayflower Society home page.  This was done in 2017 and we were official.